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Day-2: Visit to tip of Peninsula

February 2, 2008

Continuing my blogging 0n my recent trip to Kerala and Tamilnadu.

The day-2 (18th Dec) started well; we wakeup little late had our breakfast and came out of the hotel room. I en quired about transport to Kaniyyakumari and also visit to any other tourist places along with that. But the fare was not very encouraging; so we decided to travel by Bus. Kaniyakumari is ~90kms from trivandrum; but unfortunately there are not many no of buses between them. So we decided to go to Nagarcoil (Capital of Kaniyakumari district) and then from there to Kaniyakumari. There is also a Nagaraja temple in Nagarcoil; but the temple is closed by the time we reached Nagarcoil. So we had our lunch over there and started to Kaniyakumari which is ~25kms from this place.


Reached kaniyakumari at around 3PM. As soon we landed we don’t want to waste any more time so immediately in the queue for a boat travel to Vivekananda Rock & Tiruvalluvar Memorial. It is infact a ship which took more than 100 people; but the travel was very good. We managed to find a seat on the edge of the ship; which helped us to have a better look at the beauty of the ocean water and triveni sangamam. There is history attached to the vivekananda rock memorial; that Swamy Vivekananda swam to this rock and meditated about the past, present and future of India. It is said that he attained enlightenment on the rock, and henceforth became a reformer and philosopher. There is a Vivekananda book museum and meditation house here on the rock. I took some photographs here; the place is so crowded that it is almost impossible to take a personal photograph standing alone there. We visited meditation house; it got a very big statue of great Swamy Vivekananda. The feeling is wonderful inside the house; we also visited Vivekananda book museum. The ship is again ready to take us to the Tiruvalluvar the other rock memorial. The other rock memorial is also very good and mainly here people taken some photographs. The wind on both rocks is blowing very fast; so we have to hold our belongings esp our camera cases other wise it will be flown in a sec. So ship is again waiting at Thiru rock for us to take us back to main land. After the boat visit immediately we left to Amman Kaniyakumari temple; thankfully there are not many visitors inside the temple. The goddess Kaniyakumari idol is really very good; and the idol is famous for her diamond nose ring. There is a myth that travelers used to recognize India with the help of light from the nose ring. The diamond on the nose ring is very shining; as initially I thought that there is a lamp on the nose. Believe me or not the diamond shines like a real bulb or lamp. We all three thoroughly enjoyed with the darshan. We started to sun set which is again another famous tourist attractions of Kaniyakumari. On the way back to sunset point we purchased some kaniyakumari photographs and prasadam. The sunset point is very far from the main temple; so hurrilly we reached the point. The scene of sunset is awesome; but it was for very short and sun vanished in 10 mins after we reaching to the spot. Any way the scene was very good and amazing. But I was followed by a sea shell seller; he is trying to sell me some sea shells and claims them as very rare collection. He showed me ~20 different sea shells and kept a price of Rs 5,00. My mom don’t like them and tried to avoid the deal; but I started from Rs 75 and managed to purchase at Rs 1,20. You can find good no of sea shells available in Kaniyakumari beach and they can be good for decoration in house. On our way back from the Kaniyakumari beach we purchased some spices; the rates are very cheap. I donno about the quality of spices but most of the people are buying them here.

Reached the Kaniyakumari bus station and taken a bus to Trivandrum. It almost 10:30 Pm by the time we reached trivandum; we are also totally tired when we reached. So some how managed to cook for ourselves and left immediately to bed.

Day-3 was not a very long day; since we had some tiredness that carry forwarded to day-3. So I don’t want to over whelm with some long visit; also I want to keep my mom and aunt not exhaust themselves. I contacted Hotel Chaitram for any back waters in and around Trivandrum; the manager of the Hotel was really good and managed to arrange a kerala back waters boating. The cost was for Rs500/hour; the boating was very refreshing and amazing than what I thought. I took lot of photographs. Kerala is known for back waters boating; but you can find them in wester part of Kerala in Allaphey, Cochin & Ernakulam. Backwater boating in trivandrum is not very bad; he took us on boat to till kovalam beach the whole boating went for 1.5 hour. Came back to hotel and now we are waiting for the evening train to Madhurai; which is where our next travel is headed.

Here ends the kerala trip; we managed to cover very little in kerala but our focus was to cover temples of Tamil Nadu.


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