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South India trip to Tamil Nad and Kerala

February 2, 2008


December was very refreshing for me and my family since we visited great places of interest in Tamil nadu and Kerala.

Well I was accompanied by my Mother and aunt; and very good thing about this trip is that it is entirely planned and executed by me. My dad was not interested of the trip so couldn’t join us in the trip.

To the land of spices:

The trip started on 16th Dec from Vijayawada where we have taken swarnajayanthi express (11:00 AM) to Trivandrum; capital city of the southern India state Kerala. Our plan was to visit the southern tip and cover places by coming up-wards to Chennai. Train journey was okey we found some co-passengers who already visited the places that we are planning to visit. So these helped us with some very valuable tips and directions. One co passenger named Matthew who is a local keralite was very helpful and given phone numbers of hotels in trivendrum. This information really helped me in contacting the hotel people (Hotel Chaitram) in train itself.

Train reached Trivendrum at 11:00 AM so total journey is 24 hours; but journey was never boring and not tiresome. So we are very fresh by the time we reached Trivendrum. Trivendrum railway station is not very crowded when compared to Vijayawada or Secunderabad or Chennai; weather is also very pleasant. We directly went to hotel Chaitram which is a KTDC (Kerala Tourist Development Corporation) hotel. The hotel is opposite to Central Railway Station; so porters took us directly to the hotel.

The very good thing about chaitram is that it is opposite to Rail station and adjacent to Bus stand; but the flip side is it is very expensive when compared with other hotels. So the double room with Non-A/c costed Rs 1,500 / day.

Day -1:

Had our lunch in the hotel room and started to local site seeing. Our first visit place in the list is Puthenmalika Palace museum; this place is very next to the oldie Anantha Pabmanabha Temple. The palace is built by Travancore kings and only 100 rooms of the palace is opened for public of the total 300 rooms. We are accompanied by a guide in the palace; he explains us about travancore kings, the malabar, keralite culture along with the unique Kathakali. The palace has pictures of various gods posed in Kathakali outfit.

It took more than 2 hours to visit the whole of palace; the impression that I have about palaces previously is that they are palaces which symbolize the Aristocracy of kings, their cloths, swords etc. But this is being a different experience in Puthenmalika which helped me understand the kerala culture, their living styles/habits, their life, and majorily the Kathakali dance.

Padmanabha Temple:

Here comes the temple which sybolizes the uniqueness of kerala and dravidian culture. The gopuram of the temple is not very high but huge; its a very old temple and built by Travancore kings for their own worship. Every day the current successor of Travancore dynasty comes to visit lord Sri Anatha Padmanabha Swamy; the entrance that they come is a separate one where they comes through Puthenmalika palace to the temple. The inside of temple is very old and little dark; the exterior gopuram look is very old & got the naturality & nativity. Men are required to enter the temple on dhoti and women only with saree; so there is an exchange room where temple authority gives dhoti for men to enter into the temple. This is one of the best part that I like in temples in southern India especially in Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Kerala. The god inside temple is called Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy; he is re incarnation of lord Vishnu. Here he poses in sleeping position with one hand hanging from the bed and other hand for he support of the head. The idol is really good; it is also very huge and long. There are lot many ayyappas along with us during the darshan; so normal visitors like us are very little. The temple is spread in 20 acres; so we went to a deeper temple visit and visited other idols. We also seen an elephant inside the temple; we posed some photos with the elephant. Elephants are integral part of most of the south india temples; the guruvayur temple has over 100 elephants.

We purchased some CDs, photos, prasad on our way back to outside of temple. By the time we came out of the temple its 5:30 PM.

Kovalam Beach:

As we want to make use of every minute of our time; we started to kovalam beach immediately. The beach is 15-20 mins from trivandrum; there are lot many buses from Trivandrum. And moreover traveling by buses is very economical, safer than other means of transport. You have to have patience to wait for bus; but personally I enjoy traveling by bus. We reached Kovalam beach around 6:15PM; its getting dark so immediately we rushed to sands of the beach. Kovalam beach is famous for kerala ayurvedic massage and I also found people having drinks on the banks. Its not a calm beach and there is lot of voice of the shore. We sat on the banks of the beach for half an hour; we had a cup of coffee from our flask. We also had some biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits which I carried in my back pack.

On our way back I purchased a hat that is made of palm leaves; after a hard bargain for Rs 20/-. Luckily bus is waiting for us to take us back to Trivandrum.

So landed safely to our hotel and cooked food on our current cooker. I bought curd from outside; so finished our dinner by 9PM. My mom & aunt left to bed by 10PM; but I was busy writing schedule for the next day. Which we planned to Kaniyakumari.


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    Hi malli,Nice blog.Ithink it it will be more good if u add photos .

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