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Was God an Astronaut??

March 14, 2008

My uncle suggested me to read a book named ‘Chariots Of God’ written by Mr Erich Von Daniken. The book was a best seller in 1968 and there was a movie as well as a TV show made on the based of book. The book speaks about extra terrestrial life existence and also the influence of this on the human race. Daniken claimed that if intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and has entered the local Solar System in the past, then there is the possibility of finding traces of their visits on Earth, on neighboring planets, or elsewhere in space. He also supports the hypothesis that human evolution may have been manipulated through means of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial beings. This a very interesting ideology by Daniken and he composed many examples in the book to support his point.

Well I liked his thinking and I am posting few of his proofs in my blog.

Great Martian Vs Our Modern Astronauts:

Discovered by the 19th century French explorer Henri Lhote, these figures were so unusual he dubbed them Martians, explaining their contour is simple, unartistic, and with rounded heads; their only detail is the double oval at the figure’s center, which evokes the image we currently have of Martians.

Great Martians

Lhote’s round-headed denizens of the Red Planet were depicted by the primitive cave artists as wearing suits strongly reminiscent of those worn by our own astronauts on the Moon, down to the detail of the boots. Several hundred such drawings exist, scattered over many miles of desert: strange helmeted and figures with antennae, often floating in weightlessness as if the artist had been able to witness one of our modern space walks.

The Chariots as Vimanas

All creational myths speak of Gods and Goddesses who came to Earth in some sort of magical scenario – or riding in chariots of fire – and creating a race called Humans. These gods flew in space ships and were therefore looked upon as ancient astronauts.
Records of the belief systems of ancient astronauts coming to Earth can be found on Rock Art — Ancient Egyptian clay tablets and cylinder seals, and also in the Bible.

aeroplane1.jpgAeroplane sketches

Ancient Maps of Topkapi Palace:

At the beginning of the 18th century ancient maps are found in Topkapi Palace, Ankara, Turkey. When these maps has been transferred to the modern globe a stunning and sensational discovery has been discovered. These maps not only reproduced the outlines of the continents but also showed the topography of the interiors. Mountain ranges, mountain peaks, islands, rivers and plateaus were drawn in with extreme accuracy. Important points to note from Topkapi Maps:
Unquestionably our forefathers did not draw these maps.
These original maps should have been aerial photographs taken from a very great height.Yet there is no doubt that the maps must have been made with the most modern technical aid — from the air. Whoever made them must have been able to fly and also to take photographs!

Ancient architectural splendors:

The very ancient rock sculptures amazes us with their great design, precision and alignment.
The pyramid is one of them and an exploratory trip by a robot in 1993 into the pyramid has discovered a 65 meter-long shaft at the end of which was a door with two metal hinges. So question arises:
Who were the architects?
Who are the engineers?
To raise around 2.5 million stone blocks within 20 years, an average of 416 blocks a day had to be cut, transported and placed in the right positions. That means over a period of 12 hours, one block every two minutes.

Gizah Pyramid

Temple Scrulpture

Unexplored Nazca:

Peru is associated with the Inca Civilization.

Inka Civilization Political Map

Nazca Parallel Lines

These lines are spread over the arid plain and stretch for many kilometers with almost no deviation in the straight line sections. The lines can best be seen from the air which, suggests they may have been designed by an airborn civilization.
According to Daniken –
The Nazca Lines are a real engima. No one has proof who built them or why.
Since their discovery, the Nazca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations from ancient gods, a landing strip for returning aliens.
It does symbolizes that the people of Inca say “Gods !! Land here! Everything has been prepared as you ordered”.


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  1. I am great beliver of this thoery. I am conducting some studies to check if this is true.. Studing Indian Temple architecture. wondering if I could get some funding for the same. 🙂

  2. Lolz permalink

    no way ever

  3. Stephen Clementson permalink

    It seems somewhat more than a mere theory when you refer back to said ‘ancient’ events in the light of something happening in your own time line. I remember how I used to talk about such things at school, back in the early seventies. Back then, I had a school friend who told me of his strange experience.

    But in those times, I knew nothing of my personal involvement. Nonetheless, my friend remembered seeing a saucer-shaped craft flying away from him skywards at great speed. That would have been circa 1969, but the funny thing was that he remembered nothing else but the fact that it flew away from him. He never remembered its approach, or how long it dwelt there. In any case, his experience triggered the Von Daniken connection.

    I could talk for hours about this. Gods? Yes, in the decades since then I have learned for myself the religious connection to these beings. They weren’t merely mistaken for gods. Oh no, nothing that simple. It order to civilise humanity, they used their super-advanced technology to appear like gods. That worked, too.


  4. antonio permalink

    anyone that beleaves otherwise is completly clueless jus do some research its a no brianer

  5. Stephen Clementson permalink

    There has been so much weirdness in my life since the 1980s, but all of it follows Arthur C. Clarke’s third law. The third law states that, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology will appear indistinguishable from magic’. Consider how much human technology has advanced in the last century (just look in a place like PC World), and then consider that ET’s technology had to be far more advanced than that to start with.

    From personal experience, it appears that these beings can throw a voice straight into your head. That voice has spookily clear sound quality: quality high enough to have fooled the prophets into thinking that they were in contact with god. God, huh? I am now 100% confident that, irrespective of their personal honesty, all the prophets of god were false prophets, having been fed with godly twaddle from ETs, such as the ‘Ten Commandments’.


    • Nice comments Stephen.
      When I was a kid during mid 80’s simple things like telephone, television, aeroplane used to excite and amaze me. Many questions used to bother me like ‘how a metal vessel can able to fly or sail ‘, also like ‘how can I able to see people on a television’ or ‘how can voice be transfered over phone lines’ etc. That little brain at that point of time cannot interpret more than that. Lack of interpretation or understanding will create an illusion or Maya. Illusion might be a big word in this context but because of lack of interpretation, understanding or guidance that small human brain will threat all his questions as an illusion.
      Illusion or lack of clarity is the route cause of any conspiracy theory like the famous illuminati. Daniken is trying to string all the missing pieces(like Nazca lines, pyramids, topkapi, martians etc) with a theory. Its all human brain that interprets and there will always be critics available to oppose it. As long as it cannot be proved it will remain as theory and an illusion. This basically requires devine power to look back to the history and get the information.
      And human being is so dwarfed that we cannot look beyond a particular spectrum/angle/prism (science, technology, religious etc). The fundamental difference between man of 13-16 century and present human being is the technology. And we have seen many innovations and theories till 17th century and great people like Socarates, Aristotle, Galelio, Ramanujan had done great research during that period than today individual. And above great philosophers succeeded despite the so called technological barrier. I feel present man is seriously dwarfed by technology, science and by religion; which is dangerous by any sign. So all the great conforts like computer, science etc that we are enjoying today are limiting an individual; who can really do miracles when allowed to think from fundamentals.
      Thank You,
      Bala Kondepudi

  6. RCS permalink

    If all this were true, who cares? What’s the big deal about this?

    • kelter586 permalink

      it dose matter if we can prove this theory than are intire way of thinking would be changed , religions would crumble and fall under fariey tales
      ,though the only bad thing is that there would be alot more criminals cause no one would beleve in hell

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        If I might comment…

        From personal experience, I am expecting alien contact to result in the collapse of religion. I don’t know how this will influence criminality amidst the general public, as atheism has never afforded me the right to commit crimes. Many of the world’s worst and bloodiest crimes have used religion as a justification.

        Religions cannot, and never could, tolerate the truth. Extreme cases of religious intolerance have included torture and death. I have noted claims that Winston Churchill did know about the UFO phenomenon during the WWII period. Former hypotheses have tended to suggest that the Roswell incident of 1947 had taken Churchill by complete surprise. The claim is taken from declassified MOD documents, which state that Churchill personally acted to clamp-down on one such report, specifically due to its threat to religion. Why would Winston Churchill specify religion? It doesn’t make sense, unless Churchill already knew something.

        According to the declassified documents, Churchill stated that “This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population — and destroy one’s belief in the church.” But in order for Winston Churchill to make such an amazingly unambiguous assertion he must have already known the relationship between UFOs and religion. The claim did specify that conversations between Churchill, and U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, were aimed at concealment. By default, this means that religion must have already been known to have been of zero validity. ET contact would undoubtedly crush religions. Religious creationist beliefs have already taken a massive bashing as things stand.

        The advocates of these beliefs have only survived through a combination of ignorance, brainwashing, political preferences (such as those observed in the GW Bush administration), and preferred disbelief. In reports from the USA, I have noted, with horror, how almost all of Earth’s geological history has been written off, in order to maintain the creationist myth. Due to the parental selection of faith-based schools in the UK (where parents have been convinced that their kids will get a better education), news reports have stated that the same inconvenient geological history is also being erased here. When the evidence is so blatantly obvious, such a deliberate erasure cannot be classified as a mere conspiracy theory. Instead, this is an indisputable conspiracy, doubtless created to retain authoritarian knowledge control.

      • Nameless permalink

        hello, I was told to look for a ship, this one, it is very vague of a memory, but this is indeed the one I was looking for because I know when it appeared, I know how, and I know who the “person” was that was in it, just as much as I know why the person came here as well… however i don’t want to reveal too much, for this is very rare that I comment on a random page without knowing exactly who is on the other end of it… and… no… “””SHE””” was not a god… she was rather something much less than a god… this is just a very strong serious theoretical rumor that’s going on around the area where I live…. I don’t expect anyone to believe this information, because the information that me and a very small handful of others know, happens to be things that others could only dream about

      • Nameless permalink

        but yes… you are absolutely right… it really does matter… and for reasons that you probably couldnt imagine

  7. Nick permalink

    maybe in the future, we went back in time.

  8. Mike permalink

    “And God came down from the heavens in a fiery chariot spitting flames and roaring thunder” ????? Who? What? These are not my words, they are written in the scriptures.

    I don’t know who is the author or instigator of this article but I find it strange that there have only been 8 previous responses. This topic surely promotes interest and intrigue and even argument.

    I read the book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ (Was God an astronaut?). In my twenties back in the seventies I was looking for answers to many questions, all of which seemed link back to who or what I was and where did I come from. This book impressed me so much that my eyes and mind were opened to view all things in life with impartiality. I have never changed my views.

    I never intend to demean anyones beliefs or opinions. We all have the right to freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Anything else is hypocritical, what gives one person the right to freedom and not evryone else. If what I believe and what I say offends you or anyone else then it is without intent and I can only appologise for the effect but not for the meaning. I just mention what I believe.

    There is much tangible evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Even when we look back at our own family line we see many simple changes in the physical appearnce from generation to generation. When we look at the apparent changes when we look outward from our family line, at the differences brought about through marrying into other families then we can see clearly how things evolve from the origin to the present. Changes in physical features such as the shape of the head, the size of the hands or feet, height, colour and texture of hair, colour of skin and eyes. This is evolution from generaton to generation.

    Cross-pollination brings aout a new flower. If we cross-pollinate again we bring about another new flower and that can be repeated many times. When dogs mate outside ther own breading they about changes that we call mongrels. When the Horse was cross bread with the Donkey we got the Ass. How many times has cross-pollination or cross breading happened.

    Evolution is the evolving of something. There needs to be something in the first place to evolve from. “What came first, the chicken or the egg”. This puzzles many people when viewed as a pure question. When we break down the question into components the irst part of the question must be where did the egg come from. The second question should be who gave it the name ‘Chicken’ and what did the first one look like at the time it was given the name. The third question should be how much has the chicken changed since it was discovered by humans. My final question on this is how many breads of chicken have evolved from the first egg. Evolution!

    There are so many theories on how the earth evolved. The ‘Big Bang’ (the great explosion in the Universe), ‘Devine Creation’ (six days in which God worked and then the seventh on which he rested). There are more ideas and opinions but most can be discounted by scientific evaluation.

    If yo think about the opening statement then God visited the Earth at a time when People had limited knowledge and understanding. Imagine yourself at that time, a time when people worshipped almost anything as a God, false images, the Sun, the Moon, the Wind and many, many more. Just imagine what you would have thought if you witnessed the landing of a craft from outer space, how you would have described it then at that time with th same limited knowledge. Even more, how would you have seen the people that came from the space craft, surely you would have seen them as Gods. God is a word given to describe the Almighty, the Creator, the Father of all mankind. The word God is also used to describe the power of the elements of the Earth by those who in ancient times worshipped the wind, the sun, the sea etc. They must have seen this visitor as the greatest God of all.

    How could the people of that time have been able to imagine a space ship, men in suites that look like the type our astronauts where today, men riding through the air on what looks like a jet propelled bike. Those people must have seen something that we have not yet witnessed, an alien.

    Prophets who have heard the word of God may very well have done so. Imagine the ability to transmit thoughts to one another, telepathy, the silent word, the dream.

    It’s not for me to say whether or not the scriptures are right or wrong. It is just my view that an open mind may consider that it is possible that what I say may be true or at least may have some basis in truth. The written word easily looses it’s meaning when ead by others, especially when it has gone through a process of translation and the afliction of interpretation. When the oral word is unwittingly altered the more times it is passed down, for example when ‘Germans advancing on the left flank, send reinforcements’ became ‘Germans dancing on a wet plank, send three and fourpence’. This is an unwitting distortion of the actual word.

    Then we have the science and technology behind all of this. The smooth sides of caves and tunnels look like they have been cut by a laser, lines in the dessert that look like landing strips, pyramids and monuments beyond comprehention of even todays building capabilities.

    I find it strange how certan people come along from time to time with the inteligence to take our knowledge to another level, how from time to time there are people who a level of inteligence far superior to veryone else.

    Imagine the spaceship landing in your back garden today, then think about how the situation would be handled now. If that did happen then how superior in technical and scientific knowledge would they have to be. I’m sure ou would have many questions like, where had they come from, how long had they been travelling, were they here to help us, had they been here before.

    There still remains many questions and there is much that we need to know if we want to fully understand how the world was created and how it evolved into what it is today. While we have people like Charles Darwin, Arthur C Clarke, Erich Von Daniken, Richard Dawkins, etc there will allways be people in search of the truth.

    I hold many theories and they are all inspired by the great people I have mentioned. Every qusetion that has ever been asked has been answered, eventually and to some degree. Just because a question is answered it doesn’t mean that there is no more to find out.

    Even if you believe in the devine creation does that really mean that evolution does not exist, or Vice Versa. May we all be blessed with the ultimate knowledge.


    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Nice to hear from someone; I’ll write more shortly. Meanwhile, it’s funny to hear the sound of so much silence, when the UFO topic is so hot these days.


    • Carlos permalink

      I love the book “Chariots of The Gods” and I am looking for more info on this same type of topic and idea, would you happen to know of any other good books that would give me a little more info?

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        There is a book, entitled ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’, by Graham Hancock. However, there seems to be an authoritarian taboo against such hypotheses. It is now widely known that Winston Churchill was, himself, involved in a cover-up of such information. I would suggest that the ‘God’ title is accurate, and that this is why Churchill specified ‘The Church’ as being a casualty of disclosure.

        Indeed, there appears to be an authoritarian a mind-set that says “We cannot stop the UFO phenomenon, so we’ll perceive the general public to pose a threat to national security”. In other words, we became the enemy. Thus, they kept UFO reports out of reach of the public. And, just like an enemy, we have been fed with disinformation for decade-after-decade.

    • chandra permalink

      Awesome words Mike!

  9. Stephen Clementson permalink

    With regards to ancient history, I cannot possibly verify beyond all reasonable doubt that extraterrestrial contact took place in precisely the manner in which it is written in the Old Testament. Nonetheless, the major error in the Old Testament appears to be in its chronology, rather than whether-or-not weird events actually occurred.

    Another problem that I have is also chronological, rather than factual, in nature. Indeed, I can only personally vouch for the disincarnate voice technology back to March 1984. Following this one-off (unrepeated) incident/blip, it would be very nearly eleven years before my wife would be similarly impacted by it. As March 1984 is the earliest date of a personal encounter, I can only propose that the disincarnate voice technology already existed in biblical/post biblical times.


  10. Stephen Clementson permalink

    It is with good reason that I propose that extraterrestrials used bogus religious philosophies to steer/civilise numerous human cultures. Is this the origin of the expression “putting the fear of god into them”? Without absolute proof, I can only suggest that it was. To start with, just about every weird event that my wife and I have experienced, over a period of decades, has been in a non-spontaneous format. In other words, these events have not been spur-of-the-moment affairs. Such occurrences have followed a logical scheme, implying that they are chiefly clues.

    Is there any thinking to parallel mine? Maybe there is; let us consider Arthur C Clarkes three laws:

    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    I was not privy to the modus operandi, prior to deducing it. For this reason, my unrepeated 1980s disincarnate voice experience followed a scheme that I would not even become aware of until well into the 1990s. As this event and many other anomalies have been in a non-spontaneous clue format, I might suggest that such technology was used to mislead the ancient prophets into believing that they had been in contact with god.


  11. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Investigating the UFO phenomenon, especially when it affects one’s everyday life, is a veritable nightmare. One of the chief problems is that people’s beliefs are compromised, merely by reporting the situation. In general, beliefs are human concepts that have not been, or cannot be, entirely verified. On the other hand, it is a grammatical error to quote “true facts”, as all facts must, by definition, be true. By default, ‘truth’ and ‘belief’ are not, and cannot be, the same thing.

    If a belief is proved to be true, then it is no longer a belief. If an assumed ‘truth’ is not verifiable, then it is actually a belief. It is an unfortunate fact that people tend to assume that their beliefs are truths, on the basis that no beliefs are worth following unless they are true. Thus, all beliefs become unquestionable truths. Is it any surprise to find that my assertions are attacked from every possible angle, when everyone believes in different, yet unquestionable, truths?
    How can I possibly expect people to think laterally, when they are already so sure of their facts?

    On one occasion, I was actually laughed at for applying lateral thinking. It seems that circumstances are not open to re-evaluation, as the truth is already known. Am I one of a few who still believes that mankind has much to learn? It’s like a 1990s edition of BBCTV’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’, in which it was stated that the last scientific problem had been solved. Huh? This was 1990s-style political hogwash, on a long-running TV show that was losing its popularity. Indeed, people were questioning Tomorrow’s World’s truth-manipulating politicisation.


  12. Not Insane permalink

    You are all out of your minds.

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      “You are all out of your minds” is a rather insubstantial assertion, as you could point an accusative finger at just about anyone on the planet, for any belief that is not in accordance with your own. Indeed, let us consider the psychology behind belief itself. Let’s face it; nobody’s going to believe anything that they, themselves, perceive to be false. Therefore, what someone might choose to believe must be perceived to be indivisible from the truth.

      However, the term ‘belief’ implies an insubstantial, unproven, assertion. The term ‘Truth’, on the other hand, implies a proven assertion. What yardstick would be best used, in order to determine the insanity of a person who has seen a UFO? As you appear to have assumed that such things cannot exist, you must either know a truth that is greater than the truth that I have witnessed, or have a belief that you presume to be a greater truth that truth that I know about.

    • bob william permalink

      ur a fagget and ur a troll and have no life

  13. 4th kind permalink

    to say we are alone in the universe(s) that is utterly arrogant and ignorant!

  14. Stephen Clementson permalink

    We’re not even alone on this planet, and there are stranger things going on in this world than we are officially informed about. To further complicate this issue, the weirdness that you might see is not necessarily what you actually get. Given what I have found, I would say that even the quaint spirit guide phenomenon is actually a guise for something more realistic, and altogether otherworldly.

    Oh, yes, I was told that I had a rabbi for a spirit guide, some twenty-five years ago. A Rabbi for a spirit guide; I’m neither Jewish, nor a member of any other religious group. Nevertheless, I do ascribe to the theory of aliens acting in the role of gods. My hypothesis is that this is not a case of what it appears to be, but more a case of what it means. Spirit guide Rabbis and, say, Catholic Nursing Nuns, all connect to religion and religion connects to aliens.


  15. George Milliken permalink


    We are all in our minds.

    • Jesus Christ Holy Knight permalink


      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        Are you seeking a holy grail, or did you bring your own?

  16. Stephen Clementson permalink

    We are in our minds; that’s a very fair point, but there is a technical reason for it. Human senses are naturally limited to what our ancestors needed for survival. Our nearest relations have been shown to possess senses that we have lost, because, unlike us, they still need them. As our only connection to the world around is through mental processing of limited data, the only world that we can ever know is in our minds. Our minds attempt to judge the world around us, based upon what we know.

    This mental processing can fail us, such as can be observed in cases where roads appear to lead upwards when they are actually leading downwards. At a higher brain function level, our more recent ancestors perceived witches and demons that weren’t actually there, simply because the culture of that time positively encouraged that perception. That is how, in the county of ‘Hartford-Shire’ (now Hertfordshire), back in 1678, a crop circle had been attributed to the Devil’s own hand.

    But when I saw the same thing in 1992, there were no demons. Unfortunately, my long-winded essay on the event met with opposition from people who wanted to find magic, or who wanted to find no evidence at all. My perceptions were based upon the logical paradoxes created by the event, with the implication that the incident had been entirely staged by a non human intelligence. From my viewpoint, it would seem that this occurrence was generated by an advanced technology, superficially masquerading as mysticism. In a time when reasoning has fallen out of favour, my statements have become sheer heresy.

  17. Nikki permalink

    This is all nothing short of completely intriguing to me. I’m sure I’ll be up all night researching this! FASCINATING!

  18. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Quote: This is all nothing short of completely intriguing to me. I’m sure I’ll be up all night researching this! FASCINATING!

    Yes, Nikki, it certainly does have a deeply intriguing characteristic.

  19. Nikki permalink

    I caught a couple of episodes of “Ancient Astronauts” on the History channel and I would’ve watched all of them but I had no idea it was a series. So I’m catching up. I honestly don’t know how people can deny this “theory” that makes sense! And how else can one explain the glyphs?? And the Naszca lines?? I wonder why people are so quick to say, “That’s ridiculous”. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown…that this could possibly be true. I look at something like this and say “Why NOT?”

    • stew permalink

      there are perfectly rational explanations for these things u cite, human society and civilization during those times was far more evolved than we have been lead to believe.

      and what about stone henge?
      manpower! determination! unpolluted minds perhaps? GOD?

      no one theory is any more believable than the next.

      Plus most of these civilizations where bombed out their minds on DMT, White powder gold, magic mushrooms and mescaline. I believe in other life in the universe, and i can relate, i’ve seen stuff while high too. Its mythology in a sense, origin myths.

      like i say, i believe in other life forms and that the idea we are alone in the universe is a practical impossibility, but when ur talking like we are important or significant in some way, and this is ur error, do u honestly think, in a universe expanding into the infinite we are significant so much so that alien life forms would want to visit us? especially considering they may well be billions of years ahead of us? when u see ants on the floor in ur garden, do you think, i want to visit them, and watch them and give them knowledge and power and enlightenment?

      I think u are mistaking mans egotistical need for significance and want for universal patterns with something supernatural and if theres one thing i do know about the universe and the human interpretation of it, we don’t know anything at all.

      the search for truth sometimes means stepping out of ur comfort zone and talking to people you dont agree with, and accepting ideas that are counter and sometimes unpleasant to your own, u cant just discuss this sort of thing with people who totally agree with you, we are supposed to evolve, in every sense of the word. we may well have been visited, and it is a possibility, maybe even a truth, but its also a possibility that in ancient times people had technology and evolved minds and took a lot of
      drugs for shamanic rituals.

      whats the difference between ur visitors and god? its like, “oh this piece of architecture is amazing and i dont understand how they would have done it, god did it, or aliens did it”, when in actuality these people were pretty intelligent and had technology to help them, necessity is the mother of invention.

      the truth is more complex than we can understand, i would suggest looking at the roots in something like quantum theory.

  20. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Nikki, I had a school friend who been involved in a close encounter in the very late sixties. He wasn’t lying; as is typical, he only remembered the craft departing skywards at very high speed. Something happened during the encounter, but he was very young and never remembered what it was. We discussed the ‘chariots of the gods’ theory, at some stage in the very early seventies, whilst we were both still at school.

    The problem that I have is that there’s always some Smart Alec who knows that UFOs don’t exist. Likewise, there’s always some goddamn genius who’s sure that crop circles are all hoaxed, because an intelligent-looking guy on the TV said so.

    • Nikki permalink

      We live in a world of duality..yin/yang. There will be those of us who are CERTAIN this is indisputable evidence and those that think it’s bunk. They act like THEY’RE the ones who are right when actually, neither side is proven. I have a problem with these same people because I don’t understand what makes their view the “right” one?

      I was ice skating once in a small pond with a couple of friends one evening when I was a kid. We saw these three bright lights (it might have been 4 if I recall correctly) and they seemingly rotated…it looked like the lights were moving around an object. It was THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT I’ve ever seen and we all instantly knew that this was NOT a plane! It hovered a bit, got closer, and then flew off at a rather quick, high speed, VERY unlike a plane! I never really told anyone about it except my mom about it and after that, I would never miss an episode of “In Search Of…” then Close Encounters came out and I felt validated!

  21. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Nikki,

    I am in England, and my involvement in this UFO affair is very deep. Here is a mere snippet, written for the Von Daniken (chariots of the gods) discussion website. “Unfortunately, my account of events (regarding the crop circle phenomenon) is extremely lengthy. For this reason it has proved difficult to explain what I’d found in a short statement. Nevertheless, I did discover that the crop circle phenomenon was merely a part of a much larger, clearly coordinated, operation. I learned that my wife and I were already involved in that larger operation, long before ever visiting a crop circles. The UFO phenomenon featured that larger operation.

    As a matter of fact, I had, by pure fluke, managed to create a UFO detector during the process. I had been attempting to track-down electro-magnetic interference that had been previously reported by TV camera crews. The interference had been noted whilst these people were working in crop circles. But I’d made some minor constructional mistakes. Those mistakes had not caused a problem in testing the detector. Nonetheless, I had no knowledge of UFO detectors at that time.

    Further to that, the nature of the UFO detector was only revealed through an interconnecting phenomenon thread. This is because I had discovered some very mysterious and incredibly localised VLF/ELF signal activity, whilst on night-watches at Cheesefoot Head. Perhaps the oddest feature of these signals was that, in the early hours of June 13, 1992, they would appear to follow me back home (about 87 miles away from Cheesefoot Head, by road). It later transpired that I’d been under surveillance all the time, and that my investigative efforts were being tracked.

    In any case, these bizarre signals remained constantly accessible to me, whilst I was at home. Thus, I was able to conduct two years of research into this interlinking phenomenon in the comfort of my own home. During this investigation period, I discovered the principle of the UFO detector. Due to its operational parameters, I already knew that the signal source was intelligently controlled. Thus, due entirely to the intelligent control factor, I was also able to use the device to deduce additional links.”

  22. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Nikki,

    As far as I am concerned there is no division between the UFO phenomenon, and the crop circle phenomenon. Here is an example crop circle:

  23. lilly permalink

    I had no experiences of any kind with UFO or the like. But reading all those books about ancient astronauts and archeological proofs for it, just want to say that I have no doubts that life on Earth had been initiated by some extraterrestrial intellignece. The other question is “why?” If they did it, what was their purpose? To start life somewhere and then to disappear (or become invisible in some way to their creations) leaving only sparse and mysterious traces of existence, seems so strange to my mind. Many authors and advocates of the ancient astronauts theory give various answers, but none is persuasive enough.

  24. Stephen Clementson permalink

    I don’t blame you, Lilly. I don’t know the real reason why they’re here, either. You see, I can perceive that the possible motives behind such a venture may not even be something that we currently understand. Alien societies could be very different, and, therefore, so could their reasoning. Different human societies tend to have their own rationale limitations. For instance, cargo cult beliefs emerged from a rationale that presumed much of technology to be beyond the wit of humanity.

    In another society, British work ethics presume that everyone should have a job. But the financial/business ethics contradict the work ethics. The two sets of ethics are in disagreement, because efficiency demands the making of machines that will automatically make people redundant. Such diverse, yet closed-loop concepts, either inadvertently, or deliberately, serve to restrict the scope of humanity.

    Unless we know ET, we cannot know how ET thinks.


  25. lilly permalink

    Yes, Steve, we even don’t know what other people of our own kind think, no matter how close we might be with each other. What we do know is how they think. I mean, we know the mechanism of thinking. And if we suppose that our creators made us (as Bible says) using the model of themselves, we should be able to find answers to the questions concerning initation of life on the planet Earth.

  26. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Lilly,

    The concept of thinking is common, but schemes and plans produced by that thinking are conditioned by any number of factors. Originally, some forty years ago, my childhood interest in Von Daniken’s theory was encouraged by the knowledge that a school friend had encountered a flying saucer. However, it would be decades before I found that his close encounter was anything but spontaneous, or coincidental. You see, the reasoning behind his encounter appeared to be conditional, wherein the meaning of the name of the location matched to the meaning of his own surname.

    For this reason, the encounter had to be deliberate, fixed; a pure demonstration of technological power. And, for the very same reason, the planner had to know exactly what the two names meant. As it turned out, the meanings also pointed to ancient human history. Thus, it fits with the Von Daniken theory. Indeed, the very common, and ancient, references to horses also match to the name ‘Roswell’, which means ‘The Mighty Steed’. The horse once had religious significance, as seen in the Book of Revelations.

    I am not religious, but that doesn’t mean that I consider the bible to be 100% false. But neither does it mean that I assume the bible to be 100% true. The truth, I suspect, lies somewhere in between the two extremes. Some of my experiences, and some of my wife’s, indicate that even true paranormal experiences can be equally false. They can be true in the sense that they really happened, but false in the sense that they appear to represent something that, in itself, is not genuine.


  27. lilly permalink

    Well, there are many things about ourselves that we don’t understand properly, like paranormal experiences which are scientifically proved and there is no doubt that they exist.

    But if we put aside the confusion of our words and expressions, when talking about ancient astronauts, we must assume the fact that for them our paranormal experiences were normal experiences. They had (and they have) all the abilites of those who we call psychics (i.e. persons apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception – telepathy and so on, like yogis, magicians etc). So, on our way to understanding their aims on Earth, we must always be aware of the fact that we are dealing with someone like us, only they are (for better understanding, although I don’t like this word) paranormal.

  28. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Everybody throws their own concepts at this issue. I only use the term ‘paranormal’ to describe something that is outside of the norm, as that is what the word actually means. My contention is that these events have to be outside of the norm to get noticed. If they were not uncommon, then we would not debate them. It’s a set-up job, more akin to publicity seeking.

    I am aware that some people assume the paranormal to refer to another realm, as though it were an alternative reality. But if the definition of paranormal is not a state of existence, then why assume that otherworldly beings are paranormal? They appear to have the technology to generate events that we describe as being paranormal.

  29. lilly permalink

    Maybe you didn’t understand me. I didn’t want to stress the subject of paranormal, but the subject of ancient astronauts. And I suppose that they were paranormal. It means that I think they had either means to act paranormally or abilities to do so.

  30. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Lilly,

    Yes, my theory is that the ancient astronauts had the same advanced technology, and used it to deliberately fool the ancients into believing that they were gods. You see, that would explain things like the Manton dog ghost scenario. They could generate utterly ridiculous scenarios like that, so that the ancients were gulled into believing in angels and demons that were totally fictitious.


    • lilly permalink

      It is completely clear why ancient people thought that these astronauts were gods. There is no need to discuss about it. What is not clear to me, since I think that they started the life of humans on Earth, is why they did it. They made humans (in this way or another), they spent some times with them and then they left the place, or they became invisible to them. I can accept the second solution, just as well.

  31. Stephen Clementson permalink

    As for why they’re doing it. That why question could be extended for ever. The plain truth is that I don’t know the why, but I do know that some form of genetics research is involved.

    I can really only vouch for myself when I say that there was some pretty weird stuff going on in my family, but it had nothing to do with tarot cards, crystal balls, witchcraft, or anything like that. It was an unknown, unseen, presence that I had assumed to be in my imagination, and thus I simply forgot that it was there.

    There is flimsy, yet plausible, evidence to suggest that my very existence was due to genetic dabbling. I learned a long time ago that, in terms of potential pregnancy, the doctors had written my mother off. I know for a fact that my mother was physically underdeveloped, and had irregular periods. When she carried me to full term, the doctors were very surprised.

    Then, at very high odds against it, she got pregnant again. But she lost that child. There was something quite odd about all of this, and my father always refused to discuss the details with me. You see, something had driven her into a state of paranoid schizophrenia. That, though, is another long story.

  32. lilly permalink

    We have come to this blog to tell our opinion about the question: was god an astronaut. On the basis of certain archeological artefacts, the question should be changed to read: were gods astronauts. Since we are proponents of the ancient astronauts theory, we have assumed the postulate to be the proven truth.

    In order to make any advance in our thinking about a certain subject, we must stick to the road marked out by the given theme, and keep away from digressions.

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Every word on this blog is deniable, depending upon what the reader chooses to believe to be the truth. Unfortunately, the word ‘belief’ has been subconsciously equated with the word ‘truth’. That is a psychological factor, because nobody would dare entertain the notion that what they believed in was wrong. As a consequence, their beliefs have to be right.

      As one of my assertions is that ‘the ancient gods’ have never gone away, I have simply extended the chariots of the gods issue across the intervening time period. However, there is no evidence available from the past, or in the present, that cannot, ultimately, be denied.

      The evidence for ancient astronauts, furnished by Von Daniken, has, itself, met with denials. Any quote I make about events in the present era can be denied (especially as I have no social standing), and there are no proofs that I can supply that cannot be denied.

  33. lilly permalink

    Why should a picture of astronauts, many thousand years old, engraved by primitive humans of the ancient times on a wall of a cave, be deniable?

  34. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear Lilly,

    Either consciously, or subconsciously, the fact is that some people don’t want to see the astronaut in the picture. I know this from past experience, as well as the fact that they only want to see what they prefer to believe. Of course, what people prefer to believe is so variable that anything can be true, or false, at one-and-the-same time.

    In another instance, there are people who, for political reasons, want ancient astronauts excluded from official ancient histories. In other words, they want a cover-up. Knowledge, they say, is power.

    • stew permalink

      what are you taking about, u can see and access these pictures on the internet and u are talking about it on a blog. how are THEY restricting this information. so much for a cover-up.

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        Yes, you are quite correct. This data is now freely available on the internet, yet there has been no official admission. From personal experience, I can actually state that such a cover-up is logically impossible. The very fact that no admission has occurred implies an attempt at a cover-up.

        I can only speak of the British officialdom’s efforts to conceal information, best seen through the ridiculous attempts of the BBC. The BBC has lost media control, yet still behave as though they are in control. It reminds me of King Canute.

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        BBC TV is under the thumb of government, and thus only presents a case for UFOs in a comical guise. In other words, there is a perpetuated effort to ridicule any reports. But that trivialisation went beyond just the BBC. For instance, I knew, from first-hand experience, that there was a real crop circle phenomenon beyond the hoaxing, back in 1990.

        Even TV camera crews were reporting abnormalities in crop circles. Yet, in 1991/1992, I personally noted that there was much media effort to conceal any evidence for it. TV reporters were actually given info on the anomalies, yet failed to mention the fact. Instead of reporting the anomalistic events, we got a steady stream of misinformation about how the crop circles were all made by pranksters, armed with planks of wood and bits of string.

        But I think that the 1991 joke has gone rather stale in 2010. Why would anyone continue to hoax crop circles after all this time? A new-born baby in 1991 is now old enough to vote. Yet the BBC still continues to plug the same 19-year-old story about how pranksters make all the crop circles.

  35. lilly permalink

    If we end every discussion on this subject with conspiracy theory deviding human race into “them” and “us”, we will never make any advance in our thinking about it.

    Our planet is a tiny spot in an endless universe and it seems to me redicilous to behave in such a way.

  36. KINGFISH ELVIS permalink


    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Dear Kingfish Elvis,

      Yes, the gods are nothing more than extraterrestrials. I propose that this ‘chariots of the gods’ factor would have been cause enough to compel the US authorities to impose secrecy. My assertion is that this principle was already known to the US authorities in 1947. I further assert that this ‘gods’ connection would have sent the religious authorities into panic mode. It would absolutely crush religious beliefs, thus rendering the various churches entirely obsolete.

      As this piece of religion-crushing information would have severely disconcerted the American populous, I further postulate that the authorities would have construed the information itself to pose a threat to US security. It would be entirely irrational to presuppose that such a panic would be long constrained to the USA. After all, Christian church groups work internationally. If it was known to US catholic, protestant, and even to the C of E groups, then it would automatically become known to the same groups the UK.

      With this panic in mind, I would suggest that there is absolutely no need to look for esoteric conspiracy theories here. Instead the clues are pretty obvious, yet hidden in plain sight. Let us consider that, back in my school days, I had to attend religious education classes. In my time, it was compulsory to attend religious education classes. In no uncertain terms, I was even told that I was too young to reject religion. Furthermore, throughout the whole of the sixties, and into the early seventies, I had to attend morning assembly.

      Morning assembly was a venue where a further dose of religion could be administered. The religious concept was absolute rubbish, including the insane idea that torturing a man to death 2000 years ago would save humanity. Yet, despite all the contradictions to religious doctrine available by that time, I had to sit through repeated religious indoctrination sessions.


  37. GunnyJ permalink

    whether you believe it or not this free online book is a good read and makes you think>

  38. GunnyJ permalink

    whether you believe it or not this free online book is a good read and definately makes you think.

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Be this true-or-not, the big deal here is not what the common folk might think of it, but what the hierarchy might want us to think of it. I do not propose that there is one almighty conspiracy of silence, but that different elitist groups have their own, quite distinct and separate, reasons to want to maintain the status quo. For instance, religious groups have an entirely obvious reason for wanting to keep the chariots of the gods’ hypothesis out of religion.

      Trying to extract the true history of mankind becomes a nightmare, because each-and-every conceivable intellectual group has a stake in controlling that history. You can’t tell whether someone is telling the truth about ancient history, because there is almost always an agenda. Is the bible true, mainly true, half true, mostly false, or entirely false? The percentage of truth in the bible is entirely dependent upon whom you might care to ask.

      If a group wants to prove the bible true, then it will only find the evidence to prove that it is true. If another group wants to prove that the bible is untrue, then it will only find the evidence to prove the bible untrue. Looking at the situation, I would suspect that the bible is somewhere in between truth and myth. For example, David M Rohl proved that the Old Testament was chronologically inaccurate. In one instance, asserted Mr Rohl, a mainframe computer was used to retro-predict an ancient eclipse.

      David M Rohl was, of course, right; the computer unambiguously predicted (I liked that one, because the computer was precise, and had no political bias) that the biblical eclipse had occurred, but in a different time period to that presupposed by the biblical texts. However, the great problem here is that, in order to prove the Old Testament chronologically false, the events had to be true. The events had to be real, in order to use Egyptian historical texts as a comparison. Again, this was true in the computer eclipse prediction. The eclipse story was proved to be true, even if chronologically false.

      Likewise, the scientific elite, which can be further sub-divided into its various specialist groups, would have similarly diverse reasons to want to keep the chariots of the gods’ out of science. Political groups, whose power is entirely based upon subjective constructs, and thus have no basis in absolute terms, would also have some pretty diverse reasons for denial. It is only too clear that energy tycoons would be terrified of any scientific progress that resulted in the obsolescence of oil, coal, or gas.

  39. Nikki permalink

    Well said, Stephen.

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Yes, Nikki, it makes getting at the truth almost impossible. I have to use my own judgement to evaluate the situation, and, in the case of biblical cross-references (pun intended) the problem is made doubly difficult. Unfortunately, I am repeatedly confronted by other people’s beliefs, and, equally, by other people’s disbeliefs.

      For instance, there are repeated religious references in the crop circle phenomenon, such as can be seen in the Cley Hill formation of 2010:
      You see, there is a bizarre correlation of data at Cley Hill.

      Firstly, it is/was known as a UFO hotspot. Secondly, I am very familiar with a bizarre psychical phenomenon that I can best describe as ‘voice-throwing’. I experienced it once, back in 1984. However, my wife experiences this voice throwing on a regular basis. Because of my personal experience, I can say that this phenomenon is remarkably realistic, and is not linked to the medical condition known as schizophrenia.

      Thus, my third point is that people who, in the past, have claimed psychic contact with aliens are probably not lying. Instead, I propose that the contact itself is real, but the information given is unreliable, misplaced, deliberately misleading, half true, or just plain faulty. If you add in this gobbledygook factor, then it becomes a real possibility that even laughably eccentric people, such as George King, were lured to Cley Hill on a somewhat dubious premise. Indeed, I note the late George King’s linkage between Ufology and religion.

  40. Stephen Clementson permalink

    As I have previously stated, I have had to rely on my own judgement to analyse the situation regarding the Chariots of the Gods hypothesis. This is not to say that I am correct in any, or all, presumptions. Nevertheless, I have personally witnessed areas of research that have collided headlong with political sensitivity. Indeed, there are present-day phenomena that have met with a mysteriously high level of silence and/or debunking. Why?

    Let’s face it; as the authorities would have no reason to waste their time and effort debunking topics that were no more than urban myths, such as the unlikely veracity of weekly horoscopes in a newspaper, this level of effort suggests that these phenomena represent some sort of threat to them. As a matter of fact, and in keeping with the horoscope example, the observed modus operandi seems to suggest that an effort is being made to make it appear as though the authorities have no interest in these phenomena.

    In other words, the best concealment technique is to present an apparent air of disinterest. This happened in the UK, back in 1991 and 1992. But someone blew that cover, by overreacting. In 1992, I noted that the military were adding a melodramatic touch by overtly photographing crop circles in Wiltshire. As if this were a chapter from a Bond novel, military personnel were visibly photographing crop circles from the back of a low-flying RAF Hercules. This could only be noted by people who were in that area, at that specific moment. Conveniently, most people could not have been aware of this.

    One might get the impression that this was a mission deep into enemy territory. Whatever next, helicopter gunships? Who was the enemy? Were we the enemy? Yet, back in the previous year, the crop circles had already been publicly written-off as a massive hoax. If the crop circles were known to be a hoax by the military, then why would the military waste time and resources on a daredevil reconnaissance mission to photograph them? Furthermore, why would the military even risk being seen dramatising the situation in a James Bond fashion, when a covert team could have got the same results?

  41. bob william permalink

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  42. bob william permalink


  43. Hello,

    I’ve been reading several of the posts and am familiar with the theories discussed. To play devi’sl advocate, it could be said that unfamiliar and unexplained events in the past and present have been labeled as miracles, extraterrestrial involvement etc. are however clearly explained in the future. This seems a common way for the brain to acknowledge and make sense of things that have happened and shouldn’t be classed as gospel. I don’t want to go into great length and will expect some form of criticism.

    With reference to the random one sentenced ‘insults’ that have been posted, I would like to draw to attention the psychological reasoning behind them. My main point would be why individuals with such negative opinions towards marginal views are drawn to sites like these. I would be inclined to go as far as to suggest that themselves are searching for answers and are not ready to consider alternatives views and thus find it easier to ‘lash out’ than provide constructive alternatives. The conscious thought process to actually decide to go to the lengths to post a response shows again some form of acknowledgment and consideration to the points raised.

    My time of this planet has been short by like the author of this site have had some unexplained events. For example, I was nine and went to run across a road without looking. I suddenly felt a searing pain in my right shoulder. The pain that had stopped me dead on the curb. At that point a speeding car had shot past me. Divine intervention, unconscious response to unperceived danger or just an extremely bad stitch?

    Another being, when in the British Army I had spent a laborious amount of time conducting exercises on Salisbury plain. On two separate occasions whilst on ‘look out’ on a trench based exercise myself and colleague monitored unexplained lights that grew smaller and smaller until disappeared out of sight. Was it UFO’s flying away from the Earths atmosphere or a delusion based on the boredom of watching nothing but darkness?

    The point of this post is really to show that many events have very different ways to be explained. Whilst many can’t be proved or disproved the diversification of these interpretations is key to development.

    A lot we understand now will be proven in the future to be false does it mean the scientists who devised the theories were “noobs who lived in their attics with their mum’s”? No. It just means that the outcome of their experiments were interpreted in such way that makes sense with present data.

    Keep up with the ideas and views, it will all come clear….at some point 🙂


    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Chariots of the gods? Please check-out the following You Tube links…

      We experience on-going paranormal phenomena. These phenomena are clearly technological, rather than mystical, as with this (fifth-generation) iPod Nano camcorder-mode recording. Near the western end of the Holmesdale tunnel (M25, J25) the iPod camcorder operation was made to temporarily crash. I must stress that the video brightness-correction crash did not damage the iPod hardware. See:

  44. Stephen Clementson permalink

    Dear MG,

    If I might make some observations on the subject of alien gods: Firstly, I have been able to find clear parallels between personal experiences and the Von Daniken concept. This was no challenge to personal beliefs, as I have none. The weird things that have happened to my wife and I were, and still are, connected to the UFO phenomenon. Yet, at the very same time, such events have inextricable links to religious faiths.

    Secondly, this religion=aliens factor also made it possible to propose a theory, wherein the Salisbury plain area was heavily linked to Ufology, because it had an ancient religious significance. As a matter of fact, it has now been revealed that Stone Henge is only one of the parts of this ancient religious significance that is still left standing. Another part left standing is Avebury stone circle.

    Thirdly, I should like to point out that my wife used to have a personal belief in god, but she has since been left in no doubt whatsoever that this belief is irrational. Whilst this part of my assertion lacks the required level of solid evidence, I will say that my wife has been psychically contacted by entities who insist that they are extraterrestrials, and that they were the gods. Claimed psychic messages cannot be used as proof of anything, which means that I cannot use this alleged alien proclamation to bolster my assertions.

    • Hi Stephen,

      I wasn’t commenting on your experiences per se, namely trying to rationalize mine. I am truly open to all possibilities, which I tried to convey in my last post. Just because what someone states now isn’t in the social interest, doesn’t make it wrong.

      From my my knowledge of how the brain functions, I believe it is possible to receive ‘outside messages’. How and where they are generated poses some interesting questions. I believe it is also possible to leave an emotional footprint, often described as ghost, but that’s another debate.

      I have no belief in the typical god mentioned in mainstream religions. Like your wife, I believe it to be irrational. I have my reasons.

      I appreciate your non committal of psychic activity as evidence, like all individual experiences they are relevant only to those close enough to understand and believe the receiver. To force those experiences onto other people would be similar to a cult following, which I must add you are not trying to achieve!

      In terms of religious texts, there is some fundamental truth in what they say. Although over the years they have somewhat altered, I believe anyway.

      If you are willing I would be interested to hear your own experiences. Not to put you down or try to prove you or your wife wrong but to further my own understanding.

      There are many unexplained events that occurred in ancient history with direct links to religion, mostly concerning construction of certain objects and sites. These were not created out of coincidence, there is a lot we do not know.

      Now, were the gods described aliens, I am fearful to admit but there is to much evidence to suggest that they were. Although many contemporary authors / researchers have bent the truth to fit their conclusion, the essence is there. Its not something I believe, its something I have ‘known’ from a very early age. I have ‘known’ this before I read any of the current theories or experienced what I have.

      I have had no contact with any extraterrestrials nor any psychological disorders, however it just seems all so clear and has for quite a while. It appears that some researcher or enthusiast has paralleled evidenced something that I already knew. The confusing thing is that I have a feeling there is a lot hidden away.

      Anyway, I must get myself ready for work in morning. Take care.

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        Firstly, sorry for the late reply; we have been away on a short holiday. OK, here is a basic law in my philosophy: ‘Human knowledge is limited*, so we will not be able to accurately differentiate between magic and super-advanced alien technologies**. This means that we can never be certain where to draw the line, if such a line even exists. Indeed, what is ultimately possible, and how can you possibly do something that cannot be done (IE, Magic)?’

        **Just because something seems impossible to achieve doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If one method of doing something fails, then there is probably an alternative method that will work. Liken this to the invention of the CD. To the inventors of the early phonographic systems, the CD would have made no sense. The CD arrived through the application of technologies that could not have been known to the pioneers of sound recording.

        *Limitations to human knowledge can be likened to losing your keys on a dark night. The only place that you can look is under the streetlamp, so that is where you look. You are actually most likely to find your keys by accident, having stumbled upon an alternative to light. This metaphor is akin to the discovery of radioactivity. Radioactivity was quite invisible to the naked eye, yet had caused photographic emulsions to fog. In other words, you cannot know what you do not know. As you don’t know the unknown, you can’t know how to find it.

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        It is generally assumed that the UFO phenomenon is a separate issue, simply involving aliens and spaceships. However, the truth appears to be somewhat different to that assumption. Without going into great detail, I should like to point out that the UFO phenomenon does not seem to occur spontaneously. Instead, it seems to be put on for show.


        It would appear that the alien gods business involves people, at a very personal level. In our case, evidence can easily be found to support that principle.

    • Nameless permalink

      Stephen Clementson…
      If I must say… your name is fdamiliar… and I can’t figure out why… but may I ask… have you ever come across the name Luna Clairmonte? if so… I do believe that we may have a lot to share

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        Hello! No, I’m sorry to say that the name Luna Clairmonte means nothing to me. However, some pretty strange things have happened before. These are things that, 30-years ago, would have seemed altogether fictional. Maybe like the old TV drama, Sapphire & Steel. Perhaps you are supposed to know me, through an outside source.

  45. Snook permalink

    Hey Stephen !

    I found out about this theory just a few days ago , i watched all the Ancient Aliens’ episodes and i started to read von Daniken’s book .I must say that this is absolutely FASCINATING!! I would like to see more people getting involved in the Oak Island money pit excavation ,i think that it is the only way of finding more evidence for this theory .

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      OK Snook, my wife and I have been away for a short holiday break, so I am just getting around to answering emails, and so-on. Although I actually recall a late sixties TV advertisement for the book, it would not have been until the very early seventies that I would come to be discussing the Chariots of the gods theories. By that time, I had a school friend who’d actually had a close encounter with a UFO. This had occurred in roughly the same time-frame as the book.

      Naturally, I looked into his case. I looked into his case many years later, and found embedded evidence to imply that his encounter had been entirely non-random. In other words, he had been set up in a contrived, but otherwise genuine, UFO incident. You see, it’s like a sci-fi book scenario. Even in the case of a fictional book, there have to be non-fictional elements. That is because someone real has to write the story, and someone real has to make the books.

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        At the time of the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ book release the notion of space-travelling aliens was very much in the ascendency. Whilst, in retrospect, I harbour grave personal reservations about the authenticity of the first manned moon-landings, this did add further credence to the idea that aliens had visited the Earth. Even if we go so far as to presume that the Apollo missions were a sophisticated US government publicity stunt (I have obvious reasons to doubt the sincerity of any government), it is clear that the stunt has backfired.

        At one and the same time, there has been a steadily growing body of evidence to imply an alien presence on earth. Given my own observations on the subject, I would suggest that such evidence has been deliberately implanted. In other words, this has been a deliberate, continual, build-up of information, over a long period of time. Unfortunately, this process appears to include my wife. She developed a dread fear of tunnels that we eventually traced to a design of spacecraft used in abductions. This applies to all tunnels, which included the Holmesdale Tunnel.

        Unlike the constancy of Lesley’s tunnel fear, the mysterious video anomaly noted in the Holmesdale tunnel case has not yet been repeated. Nevertheless, the fear was still the same in the ‘Gibraltar Tunnels’ outside Monmouth, on the A40. Auto brightness correction was shown to be working correctly. This video can be viewed at:

      • Stephen Clementson permalink

        In case you’ve missed it (link shown above your entry), here is some of the mysterious UFO noise that we’ve been getting since June 12 1992. See:

  46. Hi Stephen,

    I think you’re missing my point. I agree with you that our brains are limited to only what we know. Which you cited several solid examples. My reasoning isn’t to question your beliefs or the events in both you and yours wife lives but to learn from them.

    I have seen increasing credible evidence for UFO involvement in Human affairs rise over the years. I have a few hypothesis on why, but nothing that I can back up with tangible evidence. However I disagree with you that this has been a steady build up, I believe that it is actually increasing in rate per decade. It can’t be hid from the public domain for ever. I have to admit though, if there is a government cover up I agree with the opinion that society isn’t ready for any sort of off-world truth to emerge yet.

    Anyway I am interested to learn more from both of you and will continue to monitor this site, even if you do not post a direct reply. Take care

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Dear MG,

      Before I write more, I must explain the reason why I used the term ‘steady build-up’. This has to do with my personal investigation of factors that are normally hidden from general view. A lot of strange activity has been occurring for year-after-endless-year, but not on an obvious level. So when I look at the apparent increase in pace, I see the increasing level of visible activity, combined with an increasing level of publicly owned media technology to pass the images on with. Back in the old days, the general public didn’t have technology that permits video footage to be beamed around the world.

    • Stephen Clementson permalink

      Our personal stories of the paranormal start quite separately. My wife’s memories include an invisible childhood friend, which seems to be fairly commonplace. However, my mother’s experiences from wartime Taunton, Somerset, seem to have trumped that with avengeance. Please note that all the characters in the 1940s chronicle, bar one (my uncle John, who knows nothing about this), are now dead. For this reason, there is little reason to conceal any details. But I must warn you that this account is not for the squeamish.

      My mother’s father, Alwin Francis Williams (commonly known as ‘Frank’), born in Grays Inn Road, London, 1901, (died 2000) had been a British army reservist at the time that WWII had started. ‘Frank’ was in the British Expeditionary Force that had been forced to flee from the advancing German Army. Quite frankly, I am little surprised that they’d been forced to run for it, as nobody had ever seen this new type of flat-out, mechanised, blitzkrieg attack before.

      Granddad (Frank) Williams told me that the German attack was so fast that there was shooting from within the retreating ranks. Granddad Williams had managed to get back from Dunkerque. Having returned to Blighty, Frank was billeted with a married couple at number 7, Clarence Street, Taunton. Although it was unnecessary, ‘Frank’ had brought the rest of the family down to Taunton from Welwyn Garden City. But what could not have been known by any of them was the significance of the number 7.

      The number 7 is of very ancient significance, and quoting this fact is not wandering off the topic. Yet the sheer power of superstition and myth has maintained the importance of the number seven. It’s not just lucky sevens, either. It’s the stars! According to Greek myth, the Pleiades open star cluster, formerly known as the Seven Sisters, represented seven nymphs. One of the seven stellar nymphs was tricked into marrying a mortal, and dimmed her light in shame. That leaves six. Again, it is interesting to note that there are seven days in a week, but only six traditional working days.

      Of course, the Old Testament twists this seven day week factor into the creation myth, where god rested on the seventh day. Nonetheless, it is clear that the numbers 6 & 7 were of such significance that they were inserted into religious texts. If you apply the Chariots of the Gods principle to the numbers, the next step becomes obvious. My mother was about 12 in 1940; this was close to puberty. At number 7 Clarence Street, my mother found invisible friends to play with. But in a future time, these games would become a lot rougher.

      My parents married in 1954, but would soon be told that my mother, Nancy Edith Clementson (died 1995) was unlikely to bear children. Nancy was physically underdeveloped, and had irregular periods. The pregnancy had been such a surprise that both my parents would tell me about it, repeatedly, in later years. She became pregnant yet again, several years later. Unfortunately, the second child died. I was never told what happened. The mere fact that my mother had become pregnant twice was remarkable. Unfortunately, however, there was a down side to all this. My mother had become a paranoid schizophrenic, and was unable to cope with parenthood. My father’s upbringing taught him to place all of the parental care on the shoulders of the mother. As the mother in this case was rendered incapable, my mother’s parents had to step in.

      My father kept social workers and other families away, as the house was becoming increasingly dirty. Meanwhile, I was becoming increasingly socially maladjusted, as I had no other kids to play with. Things came to a head, when, at the age of 5, I was diagnosed as having an emotional age of 3. This had been due to social maladjustment, wherein I was unable to cope with social interactions. Social services had offered help, but my father refused. My father wanted to keep his own shortcomings under wraps.

      Thus, he blamed me for having a mental, rather than emotional, age of 3. In other words, this social maladjustment problem was my fault. Things got worse, as the sixties decade saw my mother repeatedly running off from Welwyn Garden City to number 7, Clarence Street, Taunton. The married couple still lived there. Having become friends with the Williams family during the war, they simply took my mother in for a few days. My mother’s schizophrenia had yielded a second personality of a 12-year-old.

      Conveniently, that 12-year-old character happened to fit with the 1940 profile of a girl with invisible friends. And the place where this 12-year-old should be was number 7, Clarence Street, Taunton. This long-running saga finally ended in the early seventies, although her schizophrenic problems persisted. In the end, she developed an operable form of cancer. Unfortunately, she had a dread fear of operating rooms, proclaiming that the op would kill her. Thus, she died of cancer in 1995.

      Meanwhile, my father had long retained deep suspicions about me. In retrospect, it is clear that he couldn’t understand how I’d been conceived. As I had no idea what the problem might be, I became somewhat confused by my father’s attitude. I looked like him, yet I didn’t think like him. There was no information about alien abductions, yet my 2006 re-evaluation of the situation suggests, at least to me, that my mother’s psychological illness had been caused by abduction trauma. This, unfortunately, makes the very fact that I exist into a clue.

  47. Stephen Clementson permalink

    1985 represented the starting point in the slow decline of a personal age of UFO innocence. Meanwhile, the personal relevance of the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ hypothesis began a slow ascendancy. In my terms, there had been no tangible evidence for an outside intelligence of any kind whatsoever, until the early summer of 1985. Before mid-‘85 there had been evidence for something odd, but that had not been substantiated by any physical disturbances of an undeniably abnormal nature.

    Thus, in 1985, I couldn’t possibly have deduced any unearthly connections in my previous life. But it was at that juncture that this state of affairs would change. What had happened in 1985? That is when I met Lesley, who, it later transpired, had been experiencing weirdness of her own. Lesley had previously experienced UFO activity, the invisible childhood friend phenomenon, and even hand-healing. But at that specific moment, Lesley had never before experienced poltergeist activity. Likewise, I had never, in my entire life, experienced the physical disruption caused by such activity.

    This was definitely uncharted territory to both of us. The fact that neither of us knew what the poltergeist phenomenon represented had, by default, resulted in us asking some very serious questions. In the early days we certainly got answers, but, by definition, answers don’t have to be correct. We even had playing card readers in the house, but, yet again, their answers weren’t necessarily the truth. What was going on included quasi-violent occurrences; that is, occurrences that caused damage, but appeared to do so in a premeditated manner.

  48. vanhellslinger permalink

    God, Angels, and UFO’s
    I’m 60 years old and still remember my first supernatural dream. I was 11 or 12 and living on Okinawa. With a couple of my buddies, we had hiked the jungle and found another hidden tomb, this one was sealed closed, and so we moved on. We often found caves full of human remains, mostly Japanese soldiers killed in the war. Once, I filled a bag full of bones and took them home, I was planning to rebuild the skeleton, but, mom halted that one immediately, and I returned the bones, or at least part of the way. Okinawa in 1962 was a pretty wild place for a 12 year old, we often found dud bombs, hand grenades, etc., and sometimes we would throw them over a cliff to try and detonate them.
    Whoever was in the tomb woke me up one night, he looked like the schizophrenic cat, the outline of his ghost was lined with a rainbow of colors. He lifted up his resting place inside the tomb and under his remains was a cache of pearl necklaces, coins, and jewels. When I awoke the dream had disappeared completely, or I would have gone back for the treasure.
    In 1971 or 72 I was going to college in Santa Rosa Ca, and at the same time my allergies had peaked, I was getting only 2 hours of hard sleep. A girlfriend took me to see Betty Bethards a known spiritualist, I only went because I liked the girl. Within a few days of the Bethard’s séance I started experiencing every imaginable psychic phenomena that exists. I floated above my body, I felt what psychokinesis felt like, telepathy, precognition, the whole package, and my Okinawa dream came back. I tell you there is nothing like astral projection, being able to have your spirit come out of your body and look down at your corpse, in this case I was still alive.
    Unfortunately the whole experience weakened my will to continue with college. Being a devout atheist, and I still am one to this day, I had serious thoughts to consider. Must I now submit to creationist church dogma because, I now know there is life after death, or what other options do I have? Back then the only other choice was Eric von Daniken, and that wasn’t a church, so I was left to my own devices. The ghost or demon, that I was only beginning to recognize wasn’t much help, he/she or it was more like a Ramora riding a shark, a tag along, and whatever I did was wrong.
    ATHEISTS do not have an iota of scientific evidence that God doesn’t exist. Yet you persist in propagating your God-hate and disbelief without any care that you could be losing out on the one chance in a lifetime. So you are not one of the hundreds of millions of people throughout history to have a supernatural experience, and because of that you can’t relate beyond this being a chitlin test classification of things to learn. It is so hard to accept God as a real life Klaatu? He is millions of years more advanced than us , and he is the Father of Jesus. You believe that there must be other life in the infinite universe, but when confronted with it you reject it because it didn’t approach YOU just the way your fantasy encounter would happen. You look down your noses because creationists don’t follow your pattern of learning, but could you pass a real creationist IQ test? How about answering questions like ‘describe your last telepathic experience”, or clairvoyant, precognitive, or encounter with a demonic ghost? If you wake up, always remembering your last nights dreams, which ones do you choose to remember because there are to many per night, and how do you interpret them? What or which ghost sent you those dreams and how can you be sure? There really is something akin to the chitlin test to creationism. You persist in labeling it “creationist psychosis”, but I am an atheist like you!
    Is God the Father a King? So does that mean there isn’t a democracy in the spirit world? Quite possibly an eternal king of the known universe. He sent us a real life Klaatu message,( one), that there is a life after death thru him, and (two), lead a holy life, don’t be like lower animals. Sex is only for creating new life, after that fast and pray like Jesus did for 40 days and nights in the wilderness to destroy the animal instinct(if you can‘t fast then gird your loins). Teach your children to fast and pray at a young age and God will bless you and show himself to you. If you worship the flesh and idolize sex as the only way to have happiness in this world then God will punish you because that is his right as the King of the known universe. You can get away with demanding homosexual degeneration as a civil right, here on earth but when the Father tells you face to face that he has no place for you in his eternal kingdom, there will be no government to protect you. The false church tells you that “all you have to do is pray once and God will forgive you for your degeneration”, but it isn’t true, you have to live the godly life, and that means fasting and praying just like Jesus did. God the Father is the holy of holies, the final stage of human evolution, pure energy with a mind, and the will to lead the universe, down the path of righteousness.

     I Believe In Angels  3-20-10

    It was approximately 1979 and I was sleeping in my apartment on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. In what was more than a dream I saw two angels, white, with wings, and human faces and body. They looked just like angels found in old biblical art. These two angels were flying in the Capital Dome and looked like they were in a water ballet, moving around each other in perfect balance. Almost as soon as I saw them they stopped, and suspended in air one angel pointed his finger at me. A laser like red light emitted from his finger to me, and then my entire life was replayed like a tape recorder on high speed, sometimes stopping at some thing or other that I had thought or did. The next thing I know I was waking up. Normally when I got up I would quickly light up a cigarette and have a drink of soda or whatever was next to the bed. This morning it was as if I had never smoked tobacco. I was instantly cured of my tobacco habit. I balled up the pack next to the bed and threw it away. I didn’t have any withdrawals; it was as I said before like I had never smoked in my life. I was a three pack a day man when that happened.
    I am still to this day an atheist. I don’t believe in God, the definition of the word to mean creator of the infinite universe. I do believe in God after Evolution, or a God Father from another world, an astronaut king that is the father of Jesus Christ. Whether he/they created life billions of years ago on this planet or did they find this planet ripe with life and alter it in some way is still a mystery. It’s interesting to be an atheist and believe in life after death, you learn to interpret every verse in the Bible differently than the church. All the verses that seem to teach creationism can be understood as just the opposite. Like “all things were created by God”, the infinite universe isn’t a thing,, it‘s a place! God the Father is an interplanetary Wizard of Ozearth and someday he’s going to pull back the curtain and show it all. He comes from a planet of the gods or god planet, where millions or billions, etc of people just like him live. Amen

    God after Evolution- the Klaatu, Nemo, Dr. Moreau, Wizard of Ozearth, Annunaki King a man like us just more advanced and evolved! I believe that the people from Gods home planet are highly evolved, but when they evolved by nature or science into the spirit they devolved back to the dinosaur age. As life after death was on their planet a process of reincarnation, and reincarnation is a form of cannibalism and it meant going thru centuries of wars and creation to what we have today. God is likely a Emperor / King and rules a mighty army of angels and people that must treat him as the royalty he is, there is no democracy in heaven. We are unable to have a spirit without being hatched like a chicken hatches an egg. Instead of sitting on us the Father uses powerful psychokinetic energy to hatch us into the spirit world. Planet earth is a place where God and his people conduct experiments on us, and in return some of us will get a chance at eternal life. The Planet of Dr. Moreau! We may also be the final form of reality TV, using highly sophisticated technology they are reading every thought you and everybody else on this planets thinks and does, and it’s interactive, The Planet of the Truman Show! I know!, I’m using movie analogies to describe God, and I have one more, the Gods may have been like the aliens from the movie “Predator”, and that’s not good, but one should consider all that one can, especially when there isn’t any real direct contact.

    I am a Resurrectionist Christian, Atheist, not the usual banal, one stop, atheist, as I believe that Jesus Christ is the Living Son of God the Father, the Holy Astronaut King(Jehovah Elohim). Amen
    God is Klaatu, Nemo, Dr. Moreau, Wizard of OzEarth, Truman, Terl, and Most importantly Jesus! Like the Klaatu of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” he has a message for us, the 10 commandments! As a good guy Captain Nemo he roams the universe searching and working to bring about law and order. God as a Dr. Moreau “The Island of Dr. Moreau” did all the genetic experiments that he could not do on his home planet, ½ man/bird- angels, ½man/horse, ½man/fish, ½man/moth- mothman, even the dinosaurs. He is the Wizard of OzEarth and we are his munchkins. This is the Planet of the Truman Show, the final stage of entertainment. God is the producer and each and every thought and deed is being recorded by sophisticated scientific equipment , instantly transmitted to billions or is it trillions of people on other planets, who can choose anyone on the planet to watch, and it’s interactive. Miracles are requested by viewers on the mother planet. God is like a nice Terl “Battlefield Earth”, but is still a man, and is capable of making difficult choices. Like when he destroyed all the men, women, children, even infants of the homosexual city of Sodom. God knew he had to protect the people of that generation from some contagious disease like AIDS.
    The Father went above and beyond the call of duty when he bred his own blood with that of the people of earth. He created a bridge of understanding, sealing our fate for eternity, giving us hope and life, and love thru Jesus Christ. Like the ultimate animal activist he created a half earth man, half God man, the bloodline of his home planet so as to secure our salvation and his eternal love. Amen

    God the Father once a cannibal of souls protects Christians from horrible death. WE ARE NOT REAL HUMANS, THEY ARE THE HUMANS, AND WE ARE CREATURES, CREATED. God is and was born of evolution on another world. The people of his planet have souls that came into being via reincarnation. Cannibalism or reincarnation happened naturally as does all things of nature. As they evolved in the spirit the idea of a subspecies of intelligent life could be used as a supplement to reincarnation. Create life on another planet and let it be just high enough on the evolutionary plane to have a wee bit of soul, but not enough that there be some moral outrage at eating them. “ Many are called but few are chosen, wide are the gates to death and destruction and narrow is the path to eternal life” Bible “ an angel called to all the fowl in heaven, come now let us feast upon the flesh of kings, and kings captains and kings horses” Bible
    But God the Father said “ it is wrong to eat all the souls from one world, let some be given life” To seal and protect some of us he bore a son, Jesus Christ to be the shield of our salvation. The Holy Father declared his Son, and all those who follow in his footsteps will be spared, you will not eat the souls from the house of Christ.
    The soul must eat the meat of the soul to evolve. Humans on earth are the subspecies with enough soul to eat from and it is a lesser evil than reincarnation to eat a earth soul.
    God the Father made a “choice” to save some of us. A small handful of humans from earth will live forever, wherever he takes us or sends us we are under his protection. We will always thank and adore him for what he has done for us. Amen

    Bottom line is God must be an Anunnaki King. They probably own thousands maybe millions of planets with life in various stages of evolution. Law is fundamental in a universe with billions of planets that are alive with trillions of souls. A king like Ghenghis Khan and Napolean that didn’t lose and conquered his home planet and found eternal life and conquered the spirit world, a king that never dies leaving a heir, a eternal king. Life may be hard even for the Anunnaki because they didn’t create the universe. Formal logic alone is the argument against creationism, not some old bones. I don’t need a bunch of dinosaur bones and fossils to measure and test to tell me life came from the Big Bang, or maybe it was a bunch of little bangs, what’s the difference, eternal time and infinite space mated and bore life. The suggestion of a God before time and space is ludicrous. Are we children and troglodytes that can be lured with simple fairy tale logic? We are beyond that, our ability to heuristically perceive is, and combined with all science and other forms of logic, can be construed to one absolute logic, and that is inevitably the conclusion we know as truth, and that evolution before God will be forever etched permanently in the minds of all who live with the Father of Jesus Christ.
    In the end God will take who he takes, just like in the Nicholas Cage movie, “Knowing”, maybe that’s why I can have a telepathic conversation with God, Jesus, and the Virgin Mother, and other people have nothing. I know he wants some to accept him just on logic alone, no psychic experiences at all. It’s been hard on me all these years, I will never give up my belief in evolution, so no friends in the local churches for me. RCA Resurrectionist Christian Atheist. The spirit is resurrected to life thru God the Father of Jesus Christ, and God isn’t really a God. There is only one true friend, Jesus Christ!

    When God The Father Visited Me In His UFO 

    I am sad that I didn’t keep records of all my ghostly encounters. This one especially! It was the early 1970’s and I was living in my late Aunts house in St. Petersburg Florida. I was napping in the daytime in the only room that had a window unit air conditioner, and I was awakened by this spirit. He was like gold, his hair was long and white, and his whole being was wrapped in a powerful radiance of golden aura. He didn’t speak to me, instead it was as if he was appraising and inspecting me, then he left. All the while I had been consumed with the need to throw myself prostrate on the ground before him, and after he left I stood back up. I was left with an image fixed in my mind, the image of a man, and I was given the ability to interpret what I was shown, the man was me, and I was standing straight up, with my ankles touching each other, and my arms were extended outward, horizontally. Each arm was slashed or cut, like with a knife, from the wrists to the elbows, and each leg was also cut from the ankles to the knees. I knew instantly, as if I was told in my subconscious, that this means I will have a full lifetime, and it will be a life with an average amount of human sufferings.
    A few minutes after he left I turned my radio on, and the news was just announcing a UFO sighting over Lake Seminole, many people were calling in claiming their clocks had stopped , some had also sighted the UFO. I knew who was really inside that UFO, God the Father the Holy Astronaut King and Father of Jesus Christ. I am now 60 years old and I have lived a full life. I have traveled the world some, and I have had a variety of jobs, and experiences, married twice, and have been addicted to drugs, almost died of hepatitis from a dirty needle, and life has been hard to some degree. I’ve owned my own businesses, and I’ve learned to accept my place in life. I am comfortable in my knowing that there is a God and a resurrection of the spirit, he has stood by to let me know that he didn’t create the infinite universe, and that is the real reason so many people must suffer in the world. He really is somewhat like the Klaatu of the story “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. He/they are working because the spirit world is not all fun and games. God must work, and all people that are resurrected will find that the universe is full of work. He really can’t give you eternal life, but he can resurrect you soul, by breathing the breath of life into a soul that doesn’t have the ability to resurrect itself without aid. In the process you will have a chance at eternal life. “Many are called and few are chosen, wide are the gates to death and destruction, and narrow is the path to eternal life”. Amen

    God the Father, the Holy Astronaut, the final stage of human evolution has taken pity on us, and will save some. His son Jesus Christ a human with the blood line of two planets, a living bridge, to seal the bond, that we are humans, not just creatures created by genetic engineering, we have a soul, and there is a place for us in the universe eternal. Pure energy with a mind, transcends all things of the flesh!

  49. vanhellslinger permalink

    Astronaut Gods only reinforce my faith in Jesus Christ. So most people were shocked by some creationist psychosis, and misunderstood the Bible, so what. He is still there!, and a Klaatu God Father who is giving us life after death, using some advanced science is still a God to worship.

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