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Yahoo! Missed Oppurtunity

May 5, 2008

Last weekend Microsoft rejected the Yahoo! merger deal and this news is very unexpected thought that atleast the two will sort out their differences on the table. Yahoo! was never really prepared to sell itself to the software company especially to Microsoft. On Monday May 5th; the Yahoo! shares are drubbing and falling sharply after the opening hours and now its trading ~24 dollars which is 4 dollars less to Fridays trading. If this situation continues for 1 more month the Yahoo! shares will surely go below $20 dollar mark which is definitely not a welcome news for Yahoo! board. Since the board tried to avoid the Microsoft takeover pill but not able to stop the downfall of the share value.

But the hostile take over price of $47.5 billion is a very good quotation for Yahoo! as the search and online advertising market is on a slight downfall after an unstable economics in America and also because of a possible economic recession in 2008/2009.

Well now Microsoft will certainly look at other potential advertising companies; may be it can give a try at Facebook, Digg, CNET, Infoseek etc. But I personally prefer the Microsoft merger with Apple and Facebook which basically clears the avenue for MS to social networking and IPODS or IPHONEs or MACs.


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