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Boring evenings with out IPL

June 3, 2008

After the breath taking action for 45 days the Indian premier League (IPL) ended on Sunday 01 June and Rajasthan Royals emerged as the Winners of the tournament. As everybody knows that IPL is the cricket form of the English Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League; popular Soccer tournaments. The IPL is a very big hit in the cricketing world which brought lot of action, drama and money. A typical 20-20 game will last only for 3-3.5 hrs; which instilled non-stop and scintillating action to the game and to its enthusiasts.

I think the 20-20 version of cricket is really a great invention and it is threatening the popularity of one day format of the game. This made the first version of the IPL a big success and it left over good memories to cherish. The 20-20 will help in attracting the Europeans and Americans to the cricketing world; also help in globalizing the game.

Regarding the grand final of the tournament it was really electrifying till the last ball of the match. Each team fought to their skin and tried their level best to win. The match brought us the memory of the ICC Twenty20 world cup final between India & Pakisthan; where India emerged victorious of the world cup in the last over of the match. At one point of time I thought that the Chennai Super Kings upsets the Rajasthan Team. But Rajasthan’s winning consistency has paid off and emerged as winners of the tournament. The inspirational & legendary leg spinner Shane Warne lead the Rajasthan team; he didn’t lose his spin rhythm despite of his retirement from Cricket. And not the least the Chennai Super Kings skipper Dhoni need a special applause for his captaincy and he proved himself again as the Mr Cool & Composed of the cricketing world.

Evenings are great with IPL in full flow with atleast one match everyday and the tournament really was part of the evening plan. Anxiously waiting for next version of IPL in 2009.


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  1. ravi permalink

    Yes, 20-20 is a real hit and it is been played from a long time accross the cricket playing nation. Any learning player usually plays this version of the game before coming to the national side. But still this format is not recognized by the international cricketing communinity as this is commonly called as gully cricket in india.
    BCCI has taken it to the next level by forming each team from various cricketing nations restricting 4 players from the team outside india.
    This makes it really different from the other formats of the game. This unique feature gives the players a unique oppurtinity to know how the other team works with the tactics, strategies, and to do SWOT analysis of the team. A very much appreciated format.
    This says that there is no skin involved, as mentioned by my friiend & foe.
    There is only money involved for which all the players worked but all skins are of brown color.

  2. Today it came in the papers too that families watching TV in groups are going to miss IPl. It is anyday better than mindless serials. There should be some kind of a poll on which form of cricket should be played more.

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