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Wisdom Education Trust

June 11, 2008

Straight from the inspiring note of Mr APJ Abdul Kalam “If I am authorized, I will remove the word impossible”. Yes I personally like this statement very much; nothing is impossible in this world. But I think only a healthy mind with good education will help an individual in handling the some thing called impossible.

In this context let me introduce a trust that is started by my old college mates. Which they call it “The Wisdom Education Trust” or WET in short. A non-profitable trust formed by 6 guys with great vision and working towards promoting the education in rural villages. The trust is started in January 2007 and main motto of this trust is to provide money, guidance to up lift the poor & intelligent students. The motto of the service says that “Education is the most powerful weapon in the entire universe.”. This is the second year for the WET after a very enriching success the last year; where in the last year the community found 15-20 deserving students. Provided them scholarships which basically includes paying tuition fees, providing books, giving guidance etc.

Deeply motivated by the fact recently I joined the trust and the process of finding deserving students is as follows:

1. Schools authorities send some nominations of students who are smart & intelligent but very poor.

2. The student data is checked & thoroughly verified.

3. Then a final list is prepared out of them who definitely require scholarships or economical support.

4. Funds are raised from friends to meet the current year requirements.

The domain for the WET is registered and found as .

Wishing good luck for WET.


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