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Bala Subrahmanyam, a computer programmer currently works for Ivy Comptech India Pvt ltd; a subsidiary of Party Gaming PLC Gibralter. Prior to IVY, I worked in Java Software Organization at Sun Microsystems India Pvt Limited.

There is nothing special about this blog. I am a big supporter of how technology enable individuals to realize their dreams. In that sense I read from Java, MS Technologies, Databases, Search engines, venture capital, management to anything that captures my interest. Also being a supporter of Web 2.0 I love reading different blogs and enjoy writing blogs to the topics which ever I feel like.
I am using this blog as an avenue to share what I read, try and feel about my own views and these views are not the representation of any of my employers views. I pass time participating in weekend projects which includes of creating games, Web 2.0 assignments etc.

  1. lalitsarna permalink

    Hi Bala,
    Hope you are well. I found you while surfing LInked in I am the CEO and founder of ActOnMe, a company currently developing cutting edge Visual/Interactive applications for Orkut, MySpace,FaceBook, Bebo, Hi5 .
    We are one of the 10 applications that was selected out of 100’s to launch on Orkut ( and currently are one of the top three applications on Orkut. We are developing applications that will be used by millions of users world wide.

    We are an early stage start-up backed by Kanwal Rekhi (Founder of TIE), Rajeev Motwani, and others. We are looking for talented and driven people to join our team. Below I have listed the some of the skills that we are looking for, if you are interested I would love to hear from you and if you do know of other people that may fit the profile, I would really appreciate an introduction.


    * Deep burning desire to learn and grow.
    * Can do attitude, willing to take on new challenges
    * Have the desire to create products that will be used by Millions of people world wide.
    * High aptitude for applied logic

    Skills: Do not need to have all , the more the merrier

    * PHP, MYSQL
    * HTML, JavaScript, Ajax,XML,JSON ( Be comfortable writing it in notepad )
    * PYTHON
    * Perl
    * ActionScript / FLash / Flex
    * Visual Basic
    * Strong familiarity with Linux, Clustering, load balancing , High Availability

    Looking forward to touching base with you

  2. Deb permalink

    Hi Bala,

    I came across a brief profile in Linkedin.
    Currently I am in to consulting, whereas I work for clients like Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Intuit, Akamai and DE Shaw.
    Kindly let me know your interest.
    You can send me a brief profile which will help me in seting up discussion with relevant clients.

    Hoping your positive reply.


  3. Deb permalink

    Thanks a lot Bala for your reply.
    I have an opportunity with one company in Hyd, Can I have your contact info. Or else you can reach me on 9916959324 for further discussions.


  4. rehna permalink

    Hi Bala,

    I have come across your profile in linked in, we have an opening, with a client who develops applications for social networking sites..for Bangalore.
    If interested u can reach me more details on

    Sr Recruitment Specialist

  5. Can I use your phone? underage toplist

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